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Pullman Motel

Rice Lake, WI


Proposed Use: Motel

Zoning: Commercial

4:19 Outdoors

Rice Lake, WI

1024 sq ft


Proposed Use: Retail Sales & Service

Zoning: Commercial


Neighborhood Workshop

Rice Lake, WI

1988 sq ft


Proposed Use: Storage, workshop, small production or distribution business

Zoning: Commercial

River Bend Vineyard, Winery, & Distillery

Chippewa Falls, WI

8,000 sq ft


Proposed Use: Commercial

Zoning: Commercial


Kilmer's Fireplace Store

Rice Lake, WI

4,212 sq ft


Proposed Use:  Fireplace display, sales and installation.

Zoning: Commercial

Connections Building

Ladysmith, WI

40,200 sq ft


Proposed Use: Commercial. Perfect building for Dollar General, Family Dollar, Furniture or Appliance Store, etc.

Zoning: Commercial


Birchwood Grocery Store

Birchwood, WI

4,368 sq ft


Proposed Use: Grocery with Liquor

Zoning: Commercial

Bresina's Bar and Grill

Tilden, WI


Proposed Use: Bar & Grill

Zoning: Commercial


Magna House - Licensed CBRF 8 Resident Facility

Rice Lake, WI

2,236 sq ft


Proposed Use: Licensed CBRF 8 Resident Facility

Zoning: Residential

Bona Casa Restaurant

Cumberland, WI

3,072 sq ft


Proposed Use: Restaurant

Zoning: Commercial


Cameron Café

Cameron, WI


Proposed Use: Office Space, Coffee Shop, Catering, Kitchen, & Upstairs could be Remodeled into an Apartment

Zoning: Commercial

Beer Cheese Restaurant & Lounge

Rice Lake, WI

4032 Occupied 3600 BG. 3600 UF sq ft


Proposed Use: Restaurant & Lounge

Zoning: Commercial


Fosters Riverview Inn

Cornell, WI


Proposed Use: Commercial

Zoning: Commercial